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Steven Ballantyne, Field Director
Wildlife, Documentary and factula programming

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Location Scout and Managment service
Pacific and Central Asia

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Expedition Myanmar 2016
A expedition into the uncharted Jungles of Northern Burma

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Papua New Guinea
Join us on a recce trip through the jungles in search of rare species

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Original EPM promotion Film, Filmed by Steven Ballantyne in Papua New Guinea.




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EPM Asia is asked to work on the content development for productions planned in Mongolia, Myanmar & Papua New Guine

Steven Ballantyne at EPM Asia Ltd said, 'This is a fantastic opportunity to play a key part in designing the content for a new Natural History series, using our extensive knowledge of th regions we have certainly delivered a range of new ideas for consideration'. To discuss you remote location filming requirements in Pacific, Central and East Asia email

TX Date for the UK release of the Ed Stafford Series 'Naked and Marooned' Thursday 14 March

Steven Ballantyne at EPM Asia Ltd, Managed the production logistics for the new Ed Stafford series, filmed in Fiji, Steven sourced and managed the remote Island location and worked directly with the local communities to buy supporting services - Steven was Location Scout, Manager, Fixer and the productions Line Producer - managing all aspects of the production remotely from a crew Island 8.5 nautical miles form the production location. To discuss you remote location filming requirements in Pacific, Central and East Asia email

Shortlisted for the Productionbase Freelancer of the year Award

EPM Asia is proud to announce its Founder Steven Ballantyne is shortlisted for the Freelancer of the Year Award 2012, Nominated by Tigress Production for his Line Producer & Fixer role on location for their new Ed Stafford 'Naked & Marooned' series for Discovery International.

Hong Kong fixer for Canadian based

EPM Asia supports to complete thier filming requirements in Hong Kong - researching both traditional and unique locations for the to specification and ensuring thier short shoot period was managed effectively and on schedule.

The Manila Hostage Massacre - now showing on History Asia

See the TV schedule for this special episode in which EPM Asia acted as producer, interviewer and "fixer" for an interview with Joe Chan, a survivor from the Manila Bus Hostage crisis click here

TV Fixer work for House of Ra

EPM Asia has just completed a two day shoot working with House of Radon as their Hong Kong "fixer" - photos and details to be posted soon

6 July 11

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