Our Current Work
EPM has a busy schedule and here are just a few of the current jobs we have ongoing:

Current TV and Film work:

EPM has recently completed  the Location development phase of a new Tigress Productions series to be filmed in Fiji, presently waiting for further feed back from the Commissioning broadcaster and looking forward to our potential involvement in the first phase of production development 

Yawning Cheetah is our own TV production company and presently seeking co-producers to work directly with Yawning Cheetah and EPM on creating our first Documentary - for further details email: enquiries@expeditionmanagement.com

Current Expedition Work:

Last December Steven Ballantyne lead a small recce expedition to the base camp of Mt. Minya Konka - Tibet - sponsored by the global translation service transperfect transperfect.com,  The commission was to create a unique fundraising challenge for the Hong Kong based Quintessentially  Foundation http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RCSqGT272MI&feature=g-upl 

Expedition Myanmar - details to follow

Expedition 'Fly River' Details to follow



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