Living with Mummies

Deep in the jungles of Papua New Guinea for the series: 'Into The Unknown' with Josh Bernstein for Discovery Channel

The Kukukuku people of Papua New Guinea revere their ancestors so deeply that they refuse to bury them. But they have a problem: the decades are passing and now their mummies are beginning to fall apart. Josh Bernstein moved in with one of the most primitive tribes on Earth - to save their ancestors from turning to dust.

Production type:TV Documentary Series
Production series name:'Into The Unknown' with Josh Bernstein
Episode name:Living with Mummies
Episode number:5
Date created:
First broadcast:
Location:Papua New Guinea
Production company:Darlow Smithson Productions
Commissioning company:Discovery Channel USA
Executive Producer: Bernie McDaid
Key EPM Asia roles:Risk assessments
Transportation logistics including plane charter and runway building
Recce trips
Village negotiation
Establish crew accommodation

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