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Papua New Guinea

In 2008 EPM Asia were excited to be working with GlobalEnduro, a hugely driven and successful motor endurance company. Following their accomplishments in long distance vehicle and motor biking endurance challenges that span the globe, they were looking to moving into trekking and approached EPM to develop this further.

We looked to create a unique, challenging and rewarding trek integrating community aid work in truly remote villages in one of the worlds most unexplored countries.

The Enham Kilimanjaro Challenge 2008

Enham is a charity that has been established for almost 90 years. It is committed to empowering disabled people by providing support ranging from housing and employment to personal development and care.

The Enham Kilimanjaro Challenge 2008 was an expedition for nine disabled and nine non-disabled people to climb and descend Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania in July 2008. It was the first multi-ability UK team to climb Kilimajaro.

The climb was filmed and subsequntly "The Mountain Within" won the very prestigious award for Best Documentary in the Mountain Film Festival in the United States.

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East Timor Recce

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Mongolia - Paleontological Study

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Mongolia - In Search of the Gobi Bear

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TV and Film Work

Tigress Poduction - Location Development - although actual location is still being kept secret it was a great opportunity for the EPM Team to do what they do best - work in remote locations to deliver on client requirements    


The Manila Hostage Massacre   


On 23rd August 2010 in Manila, a disgruntled former police captain hijacked a coach full of Hong Kong tourists at gun-point in an attempt to get his job back. Lasting over 10 hours and watched by millions live on TV, the world watched as the tragedy unfolded.

EPM Asia interviewed Joe Chan Kwok Chu, one of the surviving hostages who was shot in the wrist, of his experiences on that day and how it has affected his life.

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House of Radon   


House of Radon is a Swedish based Creative Agency, who were here on location in Hong Kong and called upon EPM Asia's skills to direct them around this busy city.

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Survivors, Hong Kong

In April 2011 EPM Asia were contracted by Dangerous from London to be the local handling agent for a four day shoot on the Hong Kong leg of a longer production.

The wildlife documentary series was following British palaeontologist and writer Professor Richard Fortey as he searched out “survivors” - animals that have survived and live today in basically the same way they have for millions of years – a sort of living fossil.

Surprisingly Hong Kong is home to a number of such species, and EPM were there to assist in a jam packed schedule as the professor scoured mud flats near the border with Mainland China, dredged from a fishing boat in the South China Sea and even sampled the taste of his survivors in the local Cantonese cuisine.

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Hong Kong's Rogue Cop

A spectacular shoot out in the heart of busy Hong Kong on 17th March 2006 left two police officers dead and another fighting for his life.

The Hong Kong Police Force pieced together evidence from the crime scene and came to realise that one of their own, Constable Tsui Po Ko, had a secret double life of gambling, prostitutes, bank robbery and multiple cold blooded murders including of his fellow police officers.

The story that gripped all of Hong Kong was to feature in the series, “Anatomy of a Crime” broadcast on "Crime & Investigation Network" with a whole episode dedicated to “Hong Kong's Rogue Cop”

In June 2010 EPM Asia was asked to be the local fixer agent in Hong Kong, however, with the reluctance of the immediate families and victims to speak to the producers, and with the Hong Kong Police very sensitive to the case, our role grew into that of researchers, as we scoured the city to find experts who would appear on camera to give their opinions on the fascinating, but controversial case.

When the director became unable to visit Hong Kong, we took over the local production and direction roles, hiring camera, sound and lights crew, conducting the interviews and filming of the crime scenes and GV shots.

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Living with Mummies

Deep in the jungles of Papua New Guinea for the series: 'Into The Unknown' with Josh Bernstein for Discovery Channel

EPM cleared jungle to make runways and chartered planes to get the crew to one of the remotest spots on earth

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