Hong Kong's Rogue Cop

A spectacular shoot out in the heart of busy Hong Kong on 17th March 2006 left two police officers dead and another fighting for his life.

The Hong Kong Police Force pieced together evidence from the crime scene and came to realise that one of their own, Constable Tsui Po Ko, had a secret double life of gambling, prostitutes, bank robbery and multiple cold blooded murders including of his fellow police officers.

The story that gripped all of Hong Kong was to feature in the series, “Anatomy of a Crime” broadcast on "Crime & Investigation Network" with a whole episode dedicated to “Hong Kong's Rogue Cop”

In June 2010 EPM Asia was asked to be the local fixer agent in Hong Kong, however, with the reluctance of the immediate families and victims to speak to the producers, and with the Hong Kong Police very sensitive to the case, our role grew into that of researchers, as we scoured the city to find experts who would appear on camera to give their opinions on the fascinating, but controversial case.

When the director became unable to visit Hong Kong, we took over the local production and direction roles, hiring camera, sound and lights crew, conducting the interviews and filming of the crime scenes and GV shots.

Production type:TV Documentary Series
Production series name:"Anatomy of a Crime"
Episode name:Hong Kong's Rogue Cop
Episode number:6
Date created:June 2010
First broadcast:23rd December 2010
Location:Hong Kong (Australia)
Production company:Ten Alps Asia
Commissioning company:Crime & Investigation Network
Production manager: Bella Barr
Director:Tim Sandes
Camera (EPM section):Dean Head
Key EPM Asia roles:Risk assessments
Transportation logistics
Recce trips
Hiring of camera, sound and lighting crew
Hiring of camera, sound and lighting kit
Location scouting
Conducting of interviews
Direction of interviews, crime scene shots and GVs
Liaising series director

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