In April 2011 EPM Asia were contracted by Dangerous from London to be the local handling agent for a four day shoot on the Hong Kong leg of a longer production.

The wildlife documentary series was following British palaeontologist and writer Professor Richard Fortey as he searched out “survivors” - animals that have survived and live today in basically the same way they have for millions of years – a sort of living fossil.

Surprisingly Hong Kong is home to a number of such species, and EPM were there to assist in a jam packed schedule as the professor scoured mud flats near the border with Mainland China, dredged from a fishing boat in the South China Sea and even sampled the taste of his survivors in the local Cantonese cuisine.

Production type:TV Wildlife Documentary Series
Production series name:"Survivors"
Episode name:n/a
Episode number:1,2 & 3
Date created:18th to 21st April 2011
First broadcast:Expected Spring 2012, BBC 3/BBC Worldwide
Location:Hong Kong (Australia, USA)
Production company:Dangerous
Commissioning company:BBC
Production manager:Lizzie Narey
Producer:Dan Parry
Director:Shaun Trevisick
Camera/Sound:Damian Pawle
Key EPM Asia roles:Risk assessments
Transportation logistics including hiring a fishing boat
Recce trips
Location scouting
Equipment repair/replace
Liaising with local experts

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