Steven Ballantyne - Field director/development producer & Founder of EPM Asia a Asia based compnay providing a comprehensive production management and specialist service scouting & managing remote and challanging locations

Steven Ballantyne is known for his extensive knowledge and experince supporting film crews in some of the remotest locations on earth, working with local resources Steven will manage all production requirements in capacity as Fixer and continue to support you incountry filming requirements as Line Producer, no location s to remote no task to diffult, Steven also provides short term support to productions filming localised shoots in Hong Kong and Mainland China.

Just some of the Countries and Territories we operate in

Hong Kong
Papua New Guinea
East Timor

"Location and production management Service include

This list is by no means totally exhaustive, but is just some of the jobs we have provided to clients in the past:

Permits, authorisations, permissions and licensing from governments, police and national parks
Transportation from limousine to 4x4, from train to private plane or charter reservations, from camel to donkey
Film equipment purchase, repair and hire
Carné at airports
Sourcing and negotiating with local contractors
Risk assessments
Local qualified camera, sound & light crew plus runners
Advice on seasons, weather, tides, sun rise, migrations etc
Casting actors and extras
Accommodation including booking hotels to providing tents
Cultural guidance

Because the other arm of our business is travel, we are able to negotiate on your behalf great deals from service providers we work with all the time.

Our watch words are:

Keep to schedule
Keep to budget
Anticipate problems before they happen
Be safe

Location finder

We are happy to provide suggestions for GV shots as part of our normal service, but should your production require somewhere more unusal, remote or specific, then we will head out and find the place, feature, building or street that you need.

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Steven Ballantyne FRGS - Short-listed for the Productionbase 'Freelancer' of the year 2012 Award


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